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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 18, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> reporter: this is joe fryer in california, wild fires are tearing through land and getting dangerously close to neighborhoods. . the ground is so dry, fires are moving unusually fast and the warm santa ana winds are still to come. >> if we get to the point where we have a santa ana driven fire, we'll going to be looking at real scary conditions. >> reporter: so far this year, ccfires are burned more t wn 117,000 acres across tha state. the five year average is justi53viacres. since july, $133,000,000 spent on fire fielt ting. the state has called in the national guard. well, the search is on for a
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suspect after a de ly bombing ttin bang cog kok. the target was a shrine crowd would foreign tourists next to a five star hotel, exploding that herkight of rush hour. >> there was smoke andal people were screaming and chaos. sglrks they're looking for a tv on closed circuit television. 22 pnople killed nearly 120 jured. also this morning, n focus on 305 of hillary clinton's emails after going through about 20% of her private server so far. they have referred those 305 to the agencies for a closer look. it hasn't been determined if any of them actually contain
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classified information and the stat deparsment says they $haven't , en any evidence of neglig ce. her stancy was made clear on friday. e says it is all about pourlitics. >> i've just provided my server to the justice department., but i won't gch downni ythe myd with ghng, i won't play politics with national security. as hillary clint deals with that, trump is facing gop to once again deal in specifics. it's a busy day for both parties for very different reasons. >> reporter: this is going to be a very busy day in politics p. and as you say, donald trump has released those position papers talking about immigration reform and they set a to e. senator lindsey graham calls it
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gibberish and jeb bush says he is a bord state governor and a fence along the u.s.-mexican boarder is not feesable. governor scott waurk says it has merit but needs to be adjusted. this has allowed him to set the tone for the campaign and set the agenda and talk about the points he wants to talk about. mean while, on the democratic site, hillary clinton is still deing with emails off of her personal server and the just teden,rtment is looking through about 20% of her emails have been looked through. this has allowed bernie sanders to get an edge up. this has given him a ground and opening to get up there with hillaryclipt clinton. a hacking of the internal revenue service may be much worse.
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g an additional 220,000 people may have had information stolen. and now, the number is much higher, potentially 338,000. the irs will begin mailing letters to the new batch of potentially effected taxpayers. a police officer in s fttle go ont quite a spries when he made adtraffic stop. he pulled over this car after he saw them speeding and running red lights but then the driver id that his wife was in labor, they called for an ambulance, but, huh, it didn't come fast enough. you can hear it there, baby girl was born in the vehicle with help of other officers who arrived on scene and paramedics arierv
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rived shortly after and both are doing good. and two masked robbers dressed as ninjas entered with a foot long machete and a store clerk had an even bigger sword, at the ready noteless. he chased the would be thieves out of the store and tin police are still looking for those suspects. pittsburgh, pennsylvania. >> that'shlike crocodile dundee. interesting stuff. t me yohownyou pict es. scary scenes yesterday, numerous tornado and funael cloud sighting ein colorado. and near genoa, colorado, an hour 1/2 east of denver. and they'll see if the t was straight line winds or a tornado.
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numerous areas of heavy rain trying to head towards pittsburgh and nebraska. but the worst of it, by far is in omaha and chicago overnight. weave arer had flash flood ywarnings in downtown chicago and omaha and the worst of them are no'rw south of the downtown area. 7 million people are in the slight risk and it's a spring time set up with the cold front coming through. we'll have a chance of isolated tornados or o timing will be late this afternoon to this evening. and then by about 5:00 or 6:00, we should get numerous storms through the cold front. and again, a few tornados are possible.. so, iqep an eye on that forecast. that ias your national tweth l al weather.
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now a look at your local weather. weet heve the temperature contrast. and one more very hot day d.c. up to new york. i still donno believe that sword story. you saw it right there. >> i know i did. >> we can't make it up, bill. two army recruits, females, have done what no other women has ever done. plus, if you're planning to travel, we have information you don't want to mis. you're watching "early today." people are both soft and strong, which is why our products are too. and we believe in value, so we give you 60% more sheets than charmin ultra strong. angel soft.
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government money that was supposed to be given to poor families. and back home, first ever female soldiers will graduate the army ranger course. and it included carrying gear over mountains and other terrain. and we have news about the startling number of deaths on the nation's roads. they estimate the number of traffic fatalities jumped in the first months of the year. this is what could be causing the sudden spike. >> reporter: across the country, a tragic few days on the nation's roads. in austin, texas thursday, four people dead,gfive kids hospitalized after a high speed ash. and outside phoenix, four children sent to area hospitals.
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and in north carolina one dead three injured. and tragically the death toll is excelerating. they estimate during the first months of 2015, nearly 19,000 people died. a 14% increase over last year. and the number of injuries up 30%. >> it is equal to the amount we saw in 2007. >> reporter: soon after the great recession began with fewer people on the roads but today, olower gas prices and a straunger er stronger economy mean more people on the roads. and cell phones a factor and speed. time to get down to business, airlines expecting a record number of travellers over labor day weekend. 14.2 million expected to fly.
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sprint is latest cell phone carrier to drop 2 year contracts and they have forever that les you update to the next version as soon as it comes available. and kfc's -- daryl hammon to launch the next colonel sanders. >> this is how you sell chickeye >> that's another former snl cast member, norm mcdonald. so, the most ungraceful attempt at a home run ball you will ever see. and the amazing moves on the football field nd not the ones you're thinking of. ppcome on out, flo! rr [house band playing] you have anything pp to say to flo? nah, i'll just let ppthe results do the talking. tt [crowd booing]
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this morning on "today," the best selling book that promises to put your kids to sleep in just minutes. so, does it really work? find out later on "today." i know you moms want to find out quick. the yankees honored and it was part of the hope week. bryan mccan, takes it deep
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to right field to give the yanks a lead 0-3. and knocking bryan mitchell in the face. bottom of the 10th, a bases loaded grounder to send it hotoo 3rd. yanks win it. and haily born with a rare condition that enext fwroeth growth of her right hand, unlv students used a 3d printer to print a prosthetic hand. and knocking it deep for his 31st home run of 24 season. and can't quite reach the ball and he almost falls over the riling with that little baby girl and one of the stadium users retrieves it and instead
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of giving it to the fan, throws it in the stands. and all was well, eta was sent to give him the ball. and one of the players joined the routine and took center stage and broke it down. oh, my. turns out, he's not really a player but a coriographer as you can tell, whoever he is, that big man got some great moves. "early today" is brought to you by. just ahead, tracy morgan's post traffic crash come back. in three city.
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in entertainment news, stevie wonder was a busy man yesterday. and he was all over. he surprised fans with three shows in washington, philadelphia and new york. and the shows, he announced the final leg of his songs in the "key of life" tour. and john stewart is not taking time off.
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he will host wwe summer slam in brooklyn august 23rd. and snl is gearing up for the 41st season announcing a few guest hosts, including tracy morgan and along with amy schumer and miley cyrus supposed to be opening up the season. i see about a 14-foot tiger shark literally turning about maybe as far away as the roots are right now swimming directly towards me. sk it was swimming towards the boat, so i grabbed on to its fin and road it all the way back to the boat. >> no way, that's incredible. i'm betty nguyen, we hope this is just your first stop of the
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love. revlon. love is on. leading the news in the washington post, route 29 batman is killed. his real name was leonard robinson and spent his time dressed as the cape crusader visiting area hospitals. he was struck and killed by a car. he left an undelable mark on kids. and researchers are saying
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throw out the textbook, this could be the missing link with profound implications in trooeting condition such as alzheimer's and others. and starbucks announced when the drink premier said this fall, it will include actual pumpkins as one of its ingredients. it is called pumpkin latte, right. all natural this time. police in ontario, canada, looking for this woman who is allegedly stealing flowers from a grave. the family of the desoc ceased set up a hidden camera after notice noticing flowers missing. and heidi klum firing back at donald trump after he says
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she was not a 10 anymore. and she finishes with the #heidi trump trump. and golfers, we have a new challenge, called speed golfing. in the uk, the goal is as finishing as fast as possible. players will do whatever, including sprinting between holes p hole s s. that's quite a work out. >> on average, if you walk, you walk five miles. >> can you imagine sprinting? >> on and off for five miles? no way. the pill some are calling the female viagra could be approved today. if approved, it could become the first medication to improve the female lubeado. and ap
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happy birthday to andy sandberg. and fight club actor. and robert redferred turned 79 today. happy birthday to all of them and you celebrating a birthday today. keep it here for more news, weather and sports.
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right now, new regulations go into effect today to stop the spread of leej nears. plus, fixing the hudson tunnel. and mystery solved. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 4:30 a.m. right now on this tuesday, august 18th, i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm kerry barrett in for darlene rodriguez. >> this will be day 5. we're also dealing with thunderstorms overnight. we have some working across somerset county. another cell o or lower manhattan moving over long island city. if you're in this area, heavy downpour. it will be hit-or-miss isolated thunderstorms around the morning.
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the heat builds up. we're 88 at noon. the heat wave could be going. she watches the roads for us every morning. good morning. >> good morning, chris. n lines are running and then n and q you have delays on coney island-bound trains. you have it on the 1, 2, and 3. no service between 134th street and south ferry. then, of course, no 3 train service. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> thank you very much. police need your help to track down a rapist. >> reporter: this was a violent attack. the suspect had a gun which he used to threaten the victim. we're here at putnam avenue. this is where the suspect first encountered the victim, according to police, but it was also at a different location where the rape happened.
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we're getting a look at the suspect. he's described as in his 30s and muscular. he threatened a 52-year-old woman early yesterday morning, 3:00 a.m. he pointed a gun at her, forced her to go to a building on lead ford's place and police say that's where it happened. at one point hi e shoved his hand into the woman's mouth. she lost two teechlgt she was traumatized. according to investigators she was checked out and later released. you saw that video, that image of it. we have it on our website if viewers want to take another look at it. >> hopefully contact police with information. thanks so much. 4:32. right now police are also hoping your help can help identify a suspect in an attempted rape in the bronx. they say he attacked a


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